Research Topics

The establishment of strategies for the analysis of (bio-)molecules often represents the first step towards novel research topics. This statement holds true when considering the history and actual developments of modern molecular biology, systems biology and other key technologies. Improved analytical methods are thus the first step for improved understanding of molecular (patho-)physiological mechanisms, which in turn may trigger the development of improved therapies against cancer and other chronic diseases.

We are routinely applying and constantly improving protein analysis techniques, including proteome profiling as well as accurate targeted quantification methods. While we are focussing on human proteins involved in inflammation and cancer, we also deal with proteins from animal model systems, microorganisms and plants. Furthermore, we are identifying and quantifying biologically relevant lipids such as eicosanoids and metabolites such as melatonin.

Thus, our main aims are the establishment and application of powerful screening and targeted analytical assays which allow us to better understand disease mechanism, improve drug effects, to design novel drug combinations and to monitor treatment effects. It is our vision to apply such analytical assays in pharmacological and clinical studies performed in collaboration with medical research partners in order to monitor the effects of treatments and to adapt applied therapies in an individualized fashion.