Current positions:
• Head of the Institute of Analytical Chemistry
• Head of the Centre for Mass Spectrometry at the Faculty of Chemistry
• Deputy head of the Research Platform "Marine Rhythms of Life"
• Deputy head of the Karl Landsteiner Institute of Bioanalytical Oncology

Higher Education:
 Venia docendi for Oncologic Biochemistry, University of Vienna
1998 PhD for Biochemistry at University of Vienna
1993 MSc for Chemistry at University of Vienna

Academic appointments:
Since 2012
 Full Professor for Separation Technologies and Bioanalysis at University of Vienna
2009 Visiting Scientist at the Diamantine Institute for Cancer, Immunology and Metabolic Medicine, University of Queensland, Australia
2003 Group leader of the Clinical Proteomics Laboratories at the Medical University of Vienna
2002 Post-Doc in the group of Prof. Seamus Martin, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
2001 Visiting scientist in the group of Prof. Gerald Cohen, University of Leicester, GB.
1995 Research Assistant at the Institute of Cancer Research, Vienna

phone: +43 1 4277 52302

Scientific key publications (

Paulitschke V, Haudek-Prinz V, Griss J, Berger W, Mohr T, Pehamberger H, Kunstfeld R, Gerner C. Functional classification of cellular proteome profiles support the identification of drug resistance signatures in melanoma cells. Journal of Proteome Research 2013 12: 3264-3276 

Haudek-Prinz VJ, Klepeisz P, Slany A, Griss J, Meshcheryakova A, Paulitschke V, Mitulovic G, Stockl J, Gerner C. Proteome signatures of inflammatory activated primary human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Journal of Proteomics 2012 76 Spec No.: 150-162  

Slany A, Haudek VJ, Zwickl H, Gundacker NC, Grusch M, Weiss TS, Seir K, Rodgarkia-Dara C, Hellerbrand C, Gerner C. Cell characterization by proteome profiling applied to primary hepatocytes and hepatocyte cell lines Hep-G2 and Hep-3B. Journal of Proteome Research 2010 9: 6-21

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